Studio Pianos

The Charles R. Walter studio piano is an American hand crafted piano like all of the Charles R. Walter pianos. ALL of the Walter Pianos are made of Only the best materials mostly from AMERICA AND GERMANY.  Only a few companies in the world can say that. Studios are 45 inches in height and are available with Renner or Walter actions and are available in all woods and finishes. The bass strings are longer than most other 50-52 inch brands like Kawai or Yamaha. So if you are thinking of only a 48 inch or bigger piano you should consider the Charles R. Walter piano as a marvelous American choice.

Studio Ebony Gloss

Versatile is the word for this lovely model which fits perfectly into any decor. Fluted legs and “harp design” music desk further enhance its beauty. Available in Walnut, Cherry, Oak, and Mahogany. Shown here in high sheen Walnut.

Studio Ebony Satin

The elegance and grace of 18th Century France are captured in this magnificent model. The music desk, true to the styling of the period, features a custom antique brass inset. Shown here in Cherry.

Studio Specifications

Our professional studio pianos are ruggedly designed to meet the most rigid school specifications and long hours of student practice. The extra-thick butcher block keybed, solid hardwood (Walnut, Oak, Cherry, or Mahagony) legs and toeblocks, and ball bearing, double-wheeled casters make this piano ideal for situations where the piano must be moved frequently. At the same time, the clean lines of this design and recessed toe-block present a more stylish appearance.

All of the features built into the W-48 scale are also found in the studio piano. The fallboard lock is standard equipment; top locks are available on special order. Available in Ebony, Oak, and Walnut in either High Polish, Semi Polish, or Satin finish. Also available in Oiled Oak and Walnut. The ideal piano for schools, churches, auditoriums, homes, rectories, professional studios, practice rooms, theatres, colleges, and universities. Height 45″, depth 24 3/4″, width 58 1/2″

  • Number of keys 88
  • Number of dampers 72
  • Height floor to keybed, 23 3/4″
  • Action full size studio (direct blow) – Renner or Walter
  • Hammers 14#, reinforced, mothproofed, Australian felt
  • Key 16 3/16″ long, 1″ tall plus keybutton; individually weighted
  • Key material basswood
  • Key covering material white-ivorine (acrylic resin) black – Phenolic resin; longer grand size
  • Keybed thickness 1 5/8″ butcherblock construction
  • Keybed material Poplar
  • Plate grey iron casting finished in special bronze – O.S. Kelly – Ohio – Steinway owned
  • Speaking length of longest string 48 1/2″ (overall length 57 1/8″)
  • Soundboard close-grained Sitka or Bavarian Spruce (not laminated)
  • Size of soundboard 37 3/16″ x 56 1/4,” 2090 square inches
  • Pinblock 29 ply delignit
  • Tuning pins 2/0 x 2 1/2,” nickel plated head, blued thread
  • Pin torques 100 to 200 inch pounds
  • Back posts 5 (2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″) Sitka Spruce
  • Pedals 3(soft, base sustain, full sustain)
  • Pedal material solid brass
  • Casters steel
  • Hardware solid brass
  • Cabinet material Mostly 5 ply lumbercore throughout
  • Mouldings solid walnut, solid cherry, solid oak, solid mahogany
  • Lustrous cabinet finishes numerous coats of stain, wood filler and lacquer, painstakingly rubbed by hand, produce the deep luster of Walter cabinets… comparable to the finish of the finest furniture.
  • Cabinet dimensions Height 43 3/8,” depth 25.” Add 3/4″ to depth and 1 1/4″ to width for French Provincial and Queen Anne.