Difference: Grand Pianos

We invite you to read the "Difference" in owning an American Grand Piano from the Walter Piano Company. Want to learn more about our Grand Pianos overall construction and technical features? Select from any of the Grand Piano photo links found in the piano image below.

  1. Despite the best in design, pianos will not perform at a high level of expectation if they are not built to the exacting specifications that design demands. Each line technician is required to follow a carefully developed checklist procedure which they must personally sign off as the piano progresses in production. Certain designated steps in the procedure require the technician to obtain certification from a Walter family member before continuing.
  2. We inspect all parts from Renner to insure quality. Hammer center pins are expecially inspected to insure consistent and controlled friction, and are rechecked at the end of the line to insure that there has been no change during production.
  3. Hammers are custom bored. Custom boring insures that the relationship between the jack and the knuckle is precisely the same from note to note at letoff. This is not a factor in forte playing, but it is critical to consistent touch and artistic impressions when it really counts at pianissimo levels of expression.
  4. Back checks are custom installed to insure proper height, maximum performance, and uniformity in repetition rate and feel.
  5. The exact weights used to calibrate each individual key are not only the same ones used in the key, but they are also installed in exactly the same order. This precision automatically compensates for any variation from weight to weight or from shipment, guaranteeing precisely controlled touch weight.
  6. Walter pianos are regulated with carefull attention to aftertouch, a critical factor in uniform touch and control.
  7. The Walter Grand adjustable hitch pins facilitate precise control of bearing in front of the bridge and also make possible more careful control of bearing behind the bridge.
  8. All final regulation and final inspection is done by a member of the Walter Family. The regulation line for the Walter Grand is supervised by two members of the Walter Family who spend the majority of their time on the production floor working alongside and supervising line technicians.
  9. The final regulation procedure of the Walter grand piano is followed through repeatedly until all adjustments and settings have shown a clear indication of stabilization.
  10. The entire inner rim and frame are of select hard maple construction to insure structral soundness and maximum stability.
  11. Walter Grand Pianos offer woods and finishes of superior quality not generally found in a full size grand piano. The premier nitrocellulose laquer finish features a twenty-three stage process including fourteen stages in application followed by a ten step hand-rubbed final finish. It is the finest lacquer finish available and is unparalleled in beauty and desirability.
  12. The Charles R. Walter Grand Piano uses select veneers carefully matched for grain pattern and color. In particular special attention is given to matching the veneer on the molded edge of the lid to the veneer on the top of the lid.
  13. The Walter Grand feature heavy duty, solid brass hardware throughout (pedals, lyre rods, fall hinges, lid hinges, continuous hinge, lid prop hinge) for beauty, durability, and long life.
  14. All Charles R. Walter Grand Pianos come with matching adjustable artist benches as a standard feature. Solid wood duet benches are also available upon special request.
  15. The Charles R. Walter Grand is an heirloom instrument built to last through generations. As an heirloom instrument, it is to be distinguished from what has been called in the industry a "production" or "cookie cutter" piano. It has been developed to be a technician's piano, easy and inexpensive to work on and using only best quality, serviceable parts. Special design features in the plate help simplify eventual rebuilding to make it convenient, precise, and easy.