Piano Services

Walter Piano provides a variety of piano services to our customers including those who are not made by us. If you have a need we can surely help. Our goal is to provide a solution to fit your need. Our services start with our piano refinishing service. We love to make old pianos look new again. Our staff has the ability to work on fire damaged pianos too, providing any necessary repairs to restore a piano to its previous state. Additionally, we can help keep your piano sounding great with our piano tuning capabilities. With our tuning capabilities we often recommend having our piano technicians check your piano's regulation. While tuning focuses on pitch, regulation focuses on looking into the proper functioning of all your piano parts; aligning action components and timing to all the inter working pieces so that each part and piece functions optimally. Our focus will be on doing a complete and thorough job using industry standards. From cleaning the sound board, to plate and pin areas being tuned, we will often seal strings, provide key leveling, and more while adjust all the necessary alignments on your pianos inner workings. This often includes regulate pedal functions and more and can include various types of piano repair work when needed.

Piano Moving & Storage

Perhaps you need your piano moved, transported, or stored? We can help! We invite you to contact us to learn more about all our piano services. We take great pride in our 47 years of manufacturing quality pianos, after all, we've been in the business of providing piano sales and service since 1970. It is a privilege to be recognized as one of only a few truly American made piano manufacturers in the piano market today still building pianos in the United States of America.