Veneers & Case Materials

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Veneer core and lumber core material are used in combination with solid hardwoods in the piano case (i.e., the decorative cabinet parts).

Veneer Core - Curved and formed parts of the piano case, including the outer rim of the piano, are constructed of multiple plies of hard maple crossbanded with Yorkite and surface-veneered with premium grade cherry, mahogany, oak, walnut, or maple (for ebony). These hardwood plies are joined by a two-part catalytic, urea glue and cured in a specially constructed brace until the contour of the rim is rigid and stable. The hard maple material gives the case solidarity, provides a strong gluing surface, and holds screws securely. These are features not associated with rims made of various foreign woods.

Solid Hardwood - The legs, fall riser, and fall lip are all crafted from highest grade solid hardwoods including cherry, mahogany, oak, walnut and maple for large parts, and long, narrow parts require special production technologies by virtue of their shape and size and for long term stability.

Lumber Core - Large components such as the piano lid and long, narrow components such as the fall, are made with a solid lumbercore and are surfaced with solid hardwood veneer. Clear, carefully cured poplar in specified lengths and widths is the most stable, natural material known for cores to prevent cupping, twisting, and warping and to insure long term stability and longevity.

Hardwood Veneer Surface - Premium grade, select hardwood veneers under laid with either Yorkite or Lebonite for increased stability are used with both lumber and veneer cores. Premium hardwood veneers allow depth to finish for crafting an instrument of lasting beauty and durability.

Veneer Matching - The veneered edge of the piano lid is carefully designed and fitted to provide continuity of the grain pattern from the lid surface continuously through the lid edge. Preformed by skilled cabinetry craftsmen, this complex, seven stage process around the curved portion of the grand piano lid involves undercutting, trimming, chamfering, insetting, intricate procedure combines the stability and longevity of the lumber core construction with the beauty of a solid hardwood appearance.

Solid Brass Hardware - The Charles R. Walter W-1900 Grand Piano features heavy duty, solid brass hardware throughout including pedals, lyre rods, fall hinges, lid hinges, continuous hinge and lid prop hinge for beauty, durability, and long life.

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