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The pinblock is a critical component of any piano, tightly gripping the tuning pin. The tuning pin must hold tension on the piano string to maintain pitch and yet allow the technician to smoothly move the pin while tuning the piano.

Delignit - The Delignit pinblock is manufactured in Germany with a special gluing process that forms 29 plies of German Beech wood into one integrated block. The design and gluing process have been developed to allow the natural fibers of the Beech wood to grip the pins giving maximum holding power and durability while preventing gule penetration from causing jumpy or loose pins.

Tuning Pins - Nickel plating on steel combined with multiple blued threads provides the best possible combination for durability while insuring holding power in the pinblock.

Drilling - Drilling of the tuning pin holes is done with custom designed bits to ensure a clean uniform cut that does not damage the natural wood fibers around the hole. A pneumatically controlled drill air-cools the bit and controls the timing of motion as the bit enters and leaves the hole.

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