Grand Piano Leg

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The piano legs form the foundation for the piano and add beauty, too. It is important that they be rigid and solid in structure. The leg unit is assembled with the most rigid construction known in wood furniture or piano industry, a fox wedge reinforced with epoxy.

Material - Solid matching hardwood including cherry, mahogany, white oak, walnut and maple (for ebony) provide beauty and strength for the leg assembly.

Epoxy Joint - The joint cures to become one unit through the use of epoxy resins that reinforce the entire structure.

Fox Wedge - The concealed double wedge expands the tenon as the leg is driven into the tapered mortise. A screw further secures the unit giving time for the epoxy to cure.

Square Mortise and Tenon - The square mortise and tenon mechanically locks the leg in position with regard to any rotation.

Tapered Mortise and Tenon - The mortise is machined with an outward taper to lock the leg into the brace after assembly.

Leg Bolts - Nickel-plated bolts firmlly attach the piano legs to the frame of the piano. The bolts are recessed allowing strength while not interfering with the beauty of the case design.

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