Brace & Rim Assembly

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The brace and rim assembly make up the foundation to which the soundboard and plate are attached. It is the skeletal structure of the piano and built for strength and rigidity. It provides a strong foundation for the plate to enhance projection and to avoid wasted energy and tone loss into the frame of the piano.

Finish - Charles R. Walter pianos are known for the depth, richness, and beauty of their finishes. The frame hidden on the underside of the piano is carefully sealed, sanded and lacquered to create a finish comparable to fine quality home furnishings. The portion of the rim is finished in a 23 step process that includes multiple coats of stains, glaze, sealers, and lacquer followed by a demanding schedule of hand rubbing. The result is a durable, ong-lasting finish in either satin, semi-satin, or high polish.

Beveled Contact Point - Although the ribs support the major portion of the soundboard curvature or crown, a one degree bevel in the inner rim contact point allows the soundboard to terminate in its configured, natural position.

Inner / Outer Rin - The inner/outer rim is pressed on the specially constructed W-190 vertical rim press with 15 layers of structural hard maple in the inner rim combined with 7 layers of structural hard maple in the outer rim. In addition, the outer rim includes a layer of Yorkite crossbanding and premium grade, hardwood face veneers of mohogany, cherry, oak, walnut, and maple for ebony.

Beveled Sitka Spruce Soundboard - The soundboard is made of clear, fine-grained, quarter sawn Alaskan Sitka spruce, a wood renowned for its rich, vibrant tonal response especially in the bass of the instrument. The soundboard is beveled in a prescribed fashion near the rim to allow maximum movement and reflection if sound into the center of the board. Volume and projection are enhanced.

Cove Cut Inner Rim - The cove design on the edge of the inner rim allows a solid, heavy member to support a vibrant soundboard while at the same time limiting the contact area to allow maximum movement and reflection of sound into the center of the board. Volume and projection are enhanced.

Interlocking Braces - Heavy hard rock maple braces are carefully fitted with interlocking construction and epoxied together. Dual screws (hidden) and epoxy secure the braces to the inner rim.

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